Drive traffic with SEO-Based Content and Digital Promotion
Increase User Acquisition through Brand Socialization
Boost sales using promo codes, coupons, reviews, and content.

Viral Marketing

Go Viral! Own the market.

Magnattract starts with relevant social networks to promote your products, services, and ideas. When a promotion resonates with consumers they will share the promotions throughout the social media channel and elsewhere online. The more users who share, the more viral your promotion becomes. Viral marketing is a quick and effective way to increase exposure, drive traffic, and increase sales.

Social media is not the only relevant place online that your target customer gathers. There are more than 300 million active blogs online engaging users in every possible niche and interest category. Well over 100,000 forums are home to millions of shoppers looking for the product recommendations and the best deals.

Promote Products

Leverage the power of viral marketing to get your products shared on the most popular social media networks, blogs, forums, and more. The best and most unique offers are the promotions that are most likely to go viral.

Increase Conversions

People share promo and coupon codes for companies and products that they believe in. When your brands promo goes viral the traffic is deeper in the sales funnel and results in higher conversions.

Magnattract Customers

User Acquisition

Attract New Customers

There should be more than one channel attracting new customers to your brand or products. With Magnattract in your marketing mix, you’ll be acquiring shoppers who are closer to the purchase point. We target users who are in the intent and evaluation stages of the sales funnel and incentivize them to move to the final stage. Our SEO-based content strategy leverages owned and operated sites, as well as partner sites, to get content and reviews in front of potential customers.

Where does Magnattract promote my brand?

Digital Promotion

How does digital promotion work with Magnattract?

  • It all starts with a conversation. We need to understand your goals and your target audience. Many factors determine whether we can work with a brand or product.

  • Next, Magnattract will need a promotion using a unique coupon code. The stronger the offer, the better the results and the more likely the code is going to be shared by others across platforms.

  • The attraction starts once the promo code is live. We target social media, forums, blogs, coupon sites, and other high ranking, heavily trafficked websites to promote your brands and products.

  • All coupon codes must be active for a minimum of two weeks. The longer a promo code is live, the farther the promotion will spread. Expiration-free coupons work the best and create residual sales, often for years.

  • Monitor progress and report. Every campaign is different, but if we understand the target, they can all be successful.

Brand Socialization

What does it mean to socialize your brand?

Being social doesn’t mean you are only active on common Social Media platforms. It’s much more than that.

There’s an entire world interacting online well beyond the popular social media networks. Magnattract has an active presence across the web and will put your brand in front of potential customers who may not be active on more common channels. Socializing your brand also means touching customers at more points across the sales cycle.

Who is Magnattract?

Our journey started with Search Engine Optimization, and we still apply SEO principles to our brand socialization campaigns. Keyword research is part of every campaign we launch, whether on social media or through our other channels. Understanding how people are searching for your brand and related keywords helps make your digital promotion more accessible in the clutter of search results.

Where is Magnattract?

Magnattract is everywhere your customers are, and anywhere you need us to be.

Our presence in the APAC region gives us a distinct advantage in the marketplace, with unique access to markets outside the US. Unlike other viral marketing and digital promotions companies in the US, we can tap into an additional potential customers.

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